Pure Geo

Geo Domain Development

The Internet brings the whole world within easy reach of everyone, but it also has the power to shine a focus on local communities.


Pure Geo Media

We are a Canadian web media company specializing in developing geo domains. We create content that is useful and relevant to residents and visitors of the targeted geo domain location. We are currently working on a number of projects focused on locations in Canada, New Zealand and Ireland, with more in the planning stage focusing on the United States, England, Australia and South Africa.


What Is A Geo Domain?

A Quick Primer

A geo domain is an internet domain that is focused on one particular city, region or country. It can be industry related; SmallvillePainters.com, for example. It can combine a city and region name; SmallvilleCalifornia.com.

A pure geo domain is one that features a single geographic entity. Smallville.com is an example. Geo domains aren't exclusively dot coms. Smallville.net, Smallville.org, Smallville.info and even Smallville.cc are all examples of pure geo domains.


Why focus on Geo domains?

We believe that there is a need for focused information on local communities, both for residents and for visitors and tourists. By creating SEO friendly websites that are targeted, informative and easy to navigate, we help internet users connect with communities around the world.